Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Where I Stand

I came across this post on emergent-us that is a pretty accurate description of where I am right now theologically/politically, etc.  http://emergent-us.typepad.com/emergentus/2005/12/a_different_kin.html    


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Andy James said...

Interesting other post, and very informative. The big thing I saw missing was any hope of engagement with the non-evangelical/fundamentalist side of Christianity. Can people in the "Emergent" viewpoint engage faithfully with and learn from people who are "more liberal"?

As one who is self-identified with more progressive mindsets in theological matters, I also know that it is my duty, privilege, and opportunity to converse with people who fall to my left and to my right. I've known far too many people at every point on the theological spectrum of today who can't even have a conversation with someone who disagrees with them.

How do we truly move beyond the polarities of our systematized brains to find a new way forward together? I dunno, but I suspect that if we keep talking with everyone around us - those we agree with and those we disagree with - we might discover some new possibilities that go even beyond the commonalities mentioned in this article.


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