Saturday, December 03, 2005

Me = Emergent?

So something quite scary happened yesterday – Bob Reufle told me that in Dr. Burgess's Theology/Practice of Christian Worship course…

EXCURSUS: I took Theology/Practice of Christian Worship second term of my first year at the recommendation of a number of the older students, and have not once regretted it.  It's one course in which the theological/practical are not divided at all.  Everything that is discussed in that class deals directly with theological and practical issues.  I think its one of the most useful "practical" courses I've taken in seminary.  I find myself using my knowledge from that class every time I write an order of worship.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED COURSE.  Plus, Dr. Burgess (I've had him for 3 classes plus an independent study and now a fourth class this term) is an excellent professor.  

Anywho, so Dr. Burgess is teaching the class again.  Apparently Dr. Burgess asked the class how many people were familiar with the Emerging Church Worship and followed that up with a comment, "If you've been around Brian Wallace for any period of time you certainly are aware of it".  Yikes!

I guess the reason I laugh at this comment is that I feel that I'm just trying to play around with some of stuff that people have labeled "Emergent".  Truth be told I think its hard to get a grasp on what the label "emergent" actually means, but I think what Dr. Burgess means by the term is worship that is focused on being intentionally multi-sensory and interactive.  Tomorrow night for example I am going to be doing a traditional sermon but I'm going to try and incorporate interactive elements during the sermon.  (Compared to last time where I introduced the scripture and then we had an interactive conversation).  But I am going to try to include stations where people who aren't auditory learners can interact and engage (I'm not sure how yet).  

But nonetheless, I had to laugh at my name being used to describe something "emergent".  


At 6:17 PM, Blogger terry said...

hi brian -

it was cool to hang out with such a well known emergent guy last wednesday at the heinz!

btw - did you see bj's blog; you'll get a kick out of it!

grace and peace - terry

how did the preaching go?


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