Friday, December 02, 2005

PTS Audio

So today I began a new project here at PTS: PTS Audio.

A few months ago I purchased an RCA Digital Voice Recorder for recording my sermons and then producing MP3 files of them to burn to CDs to send to churches in the coming months.  I then got the idea that a lot of good stuff goes on on-campus and it might be nice to have a way for people to access it.  Hence, the idea was born.  PTS Audio

Today we had three events worth recording: Chapel, Evangelical Student Fellowship, and Colloquium.  I have now successfully imported all three events and have them available for download on  You can also get the podcast @

Upcoming events I hope to make available include
  • 12/8: Panel on the Eucharist featuring Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Presbyterian, and Baptist voices

  • 12/8: Presentation by Dr. Ron Tappy and Dr. Kyle McCarter on the Tel Zayit Stone

  • 12/13: Installation address of Dr. Edith Humphrey

  • 2/9: Emerging Church Conversation and Lectures with John Franke

Yes – I am a geek, but slowly PTS is moving into the 21st Century.


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