Thursday, February 09, 2006

EC Event

So for the past couple months I had worked on pulling together a series of events focusing on the Emerging Church, and today was the big day.  So while I am tired and glad its bed time, I am also convinced that it was worth the effort as God's effort really shown through.  While I did a lot of the coordination behind the scenes, much credit goes to those who were central in the exchange of ideas today, which include (but not limited to) John Franke, Scott Sunquist, Vera White, Don Dawson, BJ Woodworth, Ian Kane, Jim Walker, Jeff Eddings, Terry Timm, Jim Mead, and the list goes on…

What I loved about today was the sense of energy that was present during the events, especially the panel discussion.  

I will have an extensive collection of audio downloads from today that will be available by the end of the weekend (my computer is capturing it as we speak)


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