Wednesday, February 08, 2006


So this is officially week nine of the semester, we have one more full week of classes left, and then its one day of class and finals week.  I have a paper due on Thursday (which I need to finish tomorrow) then I'm off to Maryland for the weekend because Renee is being baptized.  Also this Thursday is our Emerging Church event here at the Seminary that Evangelical Student Fellowship is co-hosting with Emergent Pittsburgh.  Then when I get back I have a paper to write for my Barth class (which is 15-20 pages), finish volume 2 of Alister McGrath's Scientific Theology, and take my Hebrew final.  Then I'm off to Mississippi for a week in partnership with Shadyside Presbyterian, Bidwell Presbyterian, and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Then I'm going to get back and take off for Rochester, where I'll meet with my Committee on Preperation for Ministry, before heading down to see Renee again, and then starting my last term as a student at Pittsburgh Seminary.  So yeah, it's a whirlwind couple of weeks.  As soon as Term III begins we have our High School retreat.  Oh yeah, and next weekend is the 30 Hour Famine that I'm helping with.  You know, you can't say I don't keep myself busy can you?  I'm really not complaining because I don't do well being bored, its just a lot of plates to keep spinning.  


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