Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to Reality...

So today ended the great Christmas adventure as I returned to Pittsburgh after dropping Renee off at the airport.  This afternoon I managed to kill the entire afternoon doing random stuff, but did manage to get back into getting work done tonight by finishing off some reading for tomorrow, and doing my outline.  

Ahead in a next few weeks includes the much-dreaded Hebrew midterm exam as well as making preparations to go to Mississippi during our two week break, trying to keep up with reading plus doing the extra reading assigned for missiology (I'm reading Leslie Newbigin).  We also have the Emerging Church "day" here at PTS on the 9th and I'm trying to finalize plans for that.  I'll also be keeping up the PTS Audio project, as well as beginning my search for a call (I'm excited about that).  

Last year I complained about my life being so busy, this year I committed to not doing that, because the truth is that I love being busy and with all my little projects, I still enjoy what I do here at the seminary and what I do at church.

Missiology awaits tomorrow morning!


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