Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Break

So, three weeks down in the semester, seven to go.  We started Christmas break on Friday and I celebrated by driving down to Maryland.  Beth and Jeremy are getting married for well, actually, the third time.  The first time was over the phone back in September, they were legally married over breakfast last week (Jeremy’s dad can sign marriage licenses) and then tomorrow they’ll have their “public witnessing of the marriage vows.”  I’m doing double-duty as homilist/best man.  Today is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, followed by the wedding tomorrow afternoon.  Monday Renee is moving from Laurel, MD north to Columbia so that’s Monday’s task.  Tuesday I am set to drive home to Rochester.  Wednesday my dad and I are going to Syracuse to see the Syracuse vs. Illinois-Chicago game.  Thursday evening Renee is flying into Rochester.  Friday is Christmas with my dad’s side of the family, Saturday is Christmas eve with my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bob (and family) where we celebrate my cousin Paul and my mom’s birthday (both are Christmas day babies).  Christmas morning we’ll celebrate Christmas at home with my parents, then venture off to see my mom’s side of the family (That side of the family is so big and we have so many kids that we rent out the town hall – no joke).  Then we’ll be in Buffalo on the 26th (Renee’s first hockey game and first trip to McPartlands, only the greatest restaurant in Buffalo) and then on the 27th head to Ohio for Christmas with her family and my birthday (I’ve hit the quarter-century mark).  Then New Year’s Eve we’ll be with Renee’s dad’s family.  On the 30th we have a reunion at Crestfield (which Kevin conned me into preaching at) and then on the 2nd I resume classes and Renee flies back to BWI.  

Hmm… vacation?  I think not.

So, somewhere in there I need to keep up on my Hebrew vocab, and read a whole bunch of pages for classes as soon as I get back.  So while I get a stress-free Thanksgiving on the trimester plans, it makes Christmas uber-busy.  


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