Monday, June 05, 2006

Wedding #2

So on Saturday Renee and I celebrated our second wedding at our Alma Matter in Grove City.  Most importantly, and unlike wedding #1, we were joined by 150 of our friends and family who witnessed our vows and pledged their support to us.  

One of the coolest parts of our wedding was our cake, done by my mother-in-law.  All homemade with three different layers consisting of three different types of cake and filling.  But taking the “cake” for me was the bottom layer: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and peanut butter filling.

Definitely the coolest part was seeing friends and family, many of whom we hadn’t seen in quite some time.  Family and friends came from as close as Pittsburgh and Warren, or as far as Upstate New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.  

Now we have 10 days to relax before we move Renee’s stuff from Columbia, MD to our new house.


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