Monday, May 29, 2006


After over a year and a half, the long distance relationship for Brian and Renee is over (the long distance part that is).  Technically it ended on Thursday evening when Renee arrived (just in time for graduation) in Pittsburgh.  But, it feels over because yesterday we drove back to Maryland together and will be together from now until the night before Wedding #2, and then from there after.  While the long distance relationship was without a doubt worth it, I am glad it’s over.  We both commented today as we were working that it was a lot easier to get work done when the other person is in the same room, and you’re not worried about talking to them on the phone.  

Anyway, this week’s agenda includes finalizing table assignments for the wedding, printing table cards, scanning pictures, and making a video, all before we head back to Ohio this Thursday for the rehearsal, parties, and wedding this weekend.  Then back to Maryland for about a week, before we move everything, for good, to our new house.  

Also, pictures from Wedding #1 have been posted.


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