Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mission Mississippi 2

Time: 7:24am
Location: Motel 6 – Chattanooga, TN

We’re about half way to Mississippi and spent the night here in Chattanooga.  We’ll arrive at our final destination today, probably sometime around dinner time tonight.  We enjoyed dinner at the Waffle House that is in the parking lot of the Motel last night and got to listen to Thomas’ stories.  Thomas grew up in India, and has many really funny stories about riding a scooter in the monsoons when you can’t see the potholes because they’re flooded, and other good ones about traveling behind water trucks that leak, and gravel/dirt trucks that make it impossible to turn without wiping out on the scooter.

I also took a great deal of abuse at dinner last night from a group of the women on the trip when I divulged that I do sometimes get out of bed, take my breakfast, and go to class – and do so without brushing my teeth!  (Side note: I don’t like the taste of orange juice and tooth paste, so I brush them after class).  All in good fun however.  The irony was that our fearless leader, the Rev. De Niece Welch, the esteem Associate Pastor for Outreach at Shadyside Presbyterian church couldn’t find her way into the Waffle House last night because she couldn’t find the door…  


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