Tuesday, September 20, 2005


So I have just a minute to blog in the midst of my hectic start to the week, but here's the latest news from Brian

Yesterday I had someone offer to pay my way to the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention, which I accepted as soon as I double-checked my schedule.  I am uber-excited about this opportunity.  Between going to the Generous Orthodoxy Conference the week before and then NYWC I will be conventioned out, but both will be great opportunities.  The week inbetween is my midterm week, which will make it even crazier but it'll be worth it

Yesterday I had my first Scientific Theology class which features Dr. Purves, Rev. Jim Mead, and my friend Matt Bell.  What a group.  We are reading Alister McGrath's Scientific Theology for the whole year.  It's going to be challenging, because all four of us are intense and we all think we're pretty smart.  But, it'll be a great chance to learn.  I am also progressing nicely through my independent study on Karl Barth's Ethics. But more on that later…

Tonight I am presenting to our elders at church the proposal for a chuch-wide small group campaign, which I expect they'll support in full, which should help me take the first step toward pulling this off.  Next up?  Curriculum selection!


At 6:23 PM, Blogger kethselly said...

Those works look very packed full of great arguments. You might have snagged me into reading at least the "Science of God" book that was also published by the same author but is perhaps a more succinct depiction of his views on scientific theology.


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