Monday, March 27, 2006

Volf on Steelers Fans

I was listening to the Emergent Podcast today (get it here) and Miroslav Volf was asked about the ever-contentious issue of homosexuality in the church today.  Volf didn't directly address what the church's response should be, but rather commented that his book, Exclusion and Embrace, discussed how those who disagree on the issue should relate to one another.  He then made the following comment:

"And in any case, relate to those with whom we disagree not as Pittsburgh Steelers' fans relate to Seahawk fans in the Super Bowl or in the way in which Democrats and Republicans have related to one another in recent years, which is a mirror image of how the fans relate to one another and not much more subtle than that"

Volf's point is both comical (It looks like the reputation of Steelers' fans is widely known) but I think his comments are quite insightful about the way we deal with these issues, particularly in the PC(USA).  


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