Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Happenings of the Day

So, we're off and running here at Pittsburgh Seminary with our new student orientation today.  Today is an absolutely overwhelming day for the new students (at least in my opinion) where they just get hit with a lot of stuff all at once.  Today they did their registering for classes, which is good to have that out of the way.  Tomorrow is panel discussions, picnic lunches, and a get to know you event, and then they're off to Kennywood Amusement Park.  I will not be going to Kennywood, as I am taking off for one last weekend in Maryland before the school year begins, despite the $3 per gallon gas prices.  Tuesday classes kick off.  I'm actually a little ahead in the reading for one class simply because I already own the book and have had time to sit down and read it.  

I stayed up late last night 1:30 AM reading Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics 1.1, which is the opening of his doctrine of the Word of God.  His best line, "God may speak to us through Russian communism, a flute concerto, a blossoming shrub, or a dead dog" (Church Dogmatics, 1.1, Pg. 55)


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