Friday, August 19, 2005

And once again, I rediscover my blog almost three months after my last post.

This summer was absolutely one of the most fun I've ever had, with the only comparable summer being the summer that I was in Montrose, CO. Camp was a great experience for me and also for Renee. It also gave us a chance to see one another and spend a lot of time together during the weekends. There is almost too much to say about camp given the time and space, but it was a great experience, and I love kids.

As I was looking back at my reading goals for the summer, I didn't do too bad. I finally did complete Barth's Church Dogmatics IV.1 and have tenatively moved onto IV.2, although I may switch to II.1. I re-read Tony Jone's Postmodern Youth Ministry book and found it even more enlightening than when I read it the first time. I didn't get to do too much with my Ephesians curriculum, but that might be a project for this year. And the small group leader's handbook got some attention, but I didn't finish it. All in all, not bad.

So Renee is headed back to Maryland today after we've spent the entire summer together. Needless to say, saying goodbye isn't going to be fun.

Anyway, I've got a couple weeks before classes start, although a week exactly till ordination exams. I've got two to take - Theology and Worship/Sacraments. And I haven't studied as much as I had planned on, but then again, do you ever actually study as much as you planned on? After that I've got a free weekend and some time before New Student Orientation starts! YAY! And then its on to classes!

It is in many ways hard to believe that I'm starting my third and final year of seminary. But yet I know that I've grown and matured through the process. Now it remains to be seen where God calls me after this.


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